Be immersed in the soul of Baja’s most captivating locale.


The architectural language is based on contemporary Mexican architecture, with touches of the colors of materials such as quarried stone, marble, wood, and the dry climate vegetation’s colors and textures harmonize to establish an intimate bond between the complex and its location. The architectural concept was guided by this need for the proper integration of the construction into its surroundings, achieved through the use of organic forms that refer to the movement of the waves, producing an attractive series of volumes that are adapted to the location.


Solaz combines the beauty of a secluded paradise, the exclusivity of a luxury resort with the art of a Mexican Visual Artist – César López Negrete- that will take you into a journey to make you longing year after year.


Jerónimo Gabayet is the author of the unique landscaping of Solaz. He worked with the Architects in the selection of the trees for the setting of the resort consisting in a mixture of trees, bushes and flowers of endemic and exotic origin, typical of dry climates. Together, all of them paint a beautiful landscape full of life and color, and provide the surroundings with the natural beauty that can only come from the earth. This way our guests can also keep in touch with Baja California’s unique wonders.


Solaz is the host of a unique experience in Los Cabos evoking the history of Baja California Sur because we hold a permanent exhibition on site called “Gabinete Del Barco”. Through the exhibition we celebrate the origin and natural wonders of this rich land.

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Corredor Turístico CSL-SJC Km. 18.5 Cabo Real, San José del Cabo. Los Cabos, B.C.S México 23405